Low Net of the Year!


Masami Miyoshi

winner of the 2017

Low Net of the Year

Masami Miyoshi


Winners Ringer 2017

This years Ringer Tournament was held May 1st, June 7th, and July 7th at Balboa Golf course.  Below are the Ringer results:


1ST          SANDRA SONG     (55)

2ND        CARLA LOOMIS     (61)

3RD        ANNE MATTHEWS     (63)


1ST          MONA ROIZMAN     (57)

2ND        TERRI O”CONNELL     (58)

3RD        ELLEN LOTTERMAN     (60)


1ST         NOREEN GRECO     (58)

2ND       DESRE RESNICK     (61)

3RD        NANCY FLEISCHMANN     (62)

President’s Cup – 2017

Many thanks to Anne Matthews who chaired the President’s Cup tournament this year.

The President’s Cup first and second rounds were played on March 28th and 29th. The final round was played on April 4th. First place team was Terri O’Connell and Sandra Song.  The second place team was Midge McCristy and Felisa Nanas.  Congratulations ladies!

The tournament concluded with the awards luncheon at Monterey at Encino.

Many thanks to all who participated in making the tournament a great success.

Terri O’Connell                                                                                    Sandra Song




General Meeting Tournament Winners – 2017

The General Meeting Tournament was held on March 6th.  There was a tie for first place. The card off winners were the team of Carla Loomis, Felisa Nanas, Midge McChristy, and Kandy Stern, with a score of 125.  Second place winners were Sandra Song, Terri O’Connell, Mona Roizman, with 125.  There was also a tie for third place. Diane Malmsten, Marilyn McMahon, MaHove, and Seda Pratz had 129 and Masami Miyoshi, Yo Hazama, Noriko Jaramillo, and Janet Cantor also scored 129.