President, Rules, Desre Resnick

Vice President

Vice President, Handicap Chair
Masami Miyosh

Secretary, Nancy Fleischman

Abgela Stewart

Treasurer/MGA Delegate
Angela Stewart

Hospitality, Seda Pratz


WPLGA and LACWGA Delegate
Pub Links/County
Terri O’Connell

Noriko Jaramillo

Eclectic Tournament
Noriko Jaramillo

Telephone Reservations, Sandra Song

Noreen Greco

Weekly Tournaments, Oberg Tournament, Sweeps
Noreen Greco

Photographer/Hospitality Diane Malmsen

General Meeting Tournament
Hospitality, Club Photographer
Holiday Luncheon
Diane Malmsen

Marge Sato

Marge Sato

General Meetings Anne Matthews

General Meeting, Presidents Cup, GAC Delegate
Anne Matthews

Holiday Luncheon Mona Roizman

Holiday Luncheon
Mona Roizman

President Handicap/Tourney Chair Mary Rood

Club Championship
Mary Rood

Ringer Tournament, Ellen Lotterman

Awards/Birdies Carol Shugue

Carol Shugue

Communications/S’Putter Editor
Website, Kandy Stern

Sunshine Girl Cherry Uyeda

Sunshine Girl
Cherry Uyeda





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